Staff training and cooperation with schools - DENIP, spol. s r.o.

Staff training

DENIP provides for the development of its staff in the following areas:

  • continual growth of knowledge in the field of sheet metal processing
  • English teaching
  • development of the work with CAD/CAM/3D software
  • development of the staff in the areas of advanced manufacturing techniques (welding, laser cutting, CNC bending)

Další školení jsou organizována individuálně dle potřeb příslušných profesí.

Other training is arranged individually depending on the needs of the appropriate professions. The company not only continually supports its staff in their career growth but also develops their solidarity and arranges leisure activities on a regular basis.

Cooperation with schools

DENIP has enjoyed long-term cooperation with technical schools in the Ostrava region in the. The company enables students of the schools to obtain special work experience in the company’s factory and, therefore, to obtain experience for their subsequent participation in a working process.

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