Design and development - DENIP spol. s r.o.

Design and Development

Are you carrying in your head an idea of a product that is not yet on the market? Do you know how to make your idea real? Our developers are here for you!

Our company has experts for the whole process of product development - from the design itself, through structural and technological solution up to the manufacture of a reference prototype and lot production.

The development of a new product starts with a mutual discussion between the customer and the development team where requirements for the product are defined exactly. After all inputs are entered, the designer will crate first conceptual and shape studies which correspond to the customer’s idea and market requirements. Through a mutual discussion between the customer and the development team, a proposal is selected, which is elaborated further in terms of design.

All design and development works are conducted only in 3D graphic software to give us a full control over all design details and, therefore, the whole process becomes very precise. It results in a manufacturing documentation according which the first prototype is manufactured and, subsequently a successful product is produced in series.

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