Machinery and premises - DENIP, spol. s r.o.


Punch presses:

TruMatic 7000
TruPunch 5000
Trumatic 5000 R
Trumatic 200


maximum output 5 kW

TruLaser 3050 TLF5000
TruLaser 3030

Press brakes:

maximum length of bending strip 3 m

TruBend 5085
TruBend V 130
TrumaBend V 50
TrumaBend V 85
TrumaBend V 130

Fitting workshop equipment:

deburring machine Ernst
welding sets (technologies MIG/ MAG, WIG)
spot welding machines
bench drills, vertical drilling machines and threading machines
hydraulic presses
pressing of the fasteners by PEM and HAEGER
MEPAC laser engraving machine
pneumatic riveters
condenser overlaying machines
band saw
roll bending machine
grinding machines

Process area

2700 m2 of the company’s own process area in the industrial zone Ostrava – Kunčičky

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